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snazzy trick

I'm loving the button-up under sweater combo. And of course it's perfect for fall layering. I was sad because I loved this look and it looked good on others but I tried it and it was soo unflattering. I don't know if you've had the same problem? So a little trick I discovered that is much for more flattering is to use a sheer button up instead and a looser, nicely fit sweater because the sheer doesn't add any bulk but pulls off the same look! I guess you can say I'm a master of hiding my chubs. heh. I hope this has been of help to you too :)

ps. You can see a little peak of my new bedroom in the background. My room is in the works right now and I will be posting a tour when it's all done
sheer button-up: bluenotes $12
sweater: urban planet $8
pants: urban planet $25
booties: joe fresh $29


got my eyebrows did

I think eyebrows make a huge difference and can really shape your face. These eyebrows of mine are not my favorite. They're short, not very thick, the hair grows in different directions and are wispy at the ends {turn down at the ends}. I got my eyebrows done for my friends wedding. I was the MOH so I thought I'd clean it up a bit. One of my friends is from Trinidad and she said that they're expert on eyebrows and took me to get my eyebrows threaded {and she criticized me on my brows -- no offence taken...she's straight up like that} ha.

Lately I've tried going for more of the natural look and I really love thick eyebrows like this girl but I'm not sure if I can pull it off or if it suits me. This was the first time I got threading done and I was scared that I would be left with barely any eyebrows. It did hurt a little bit and it would for those who don't have experience with tweezing and waxing, but it wasn't bad at all and it was really quick. I think it turned out pretty nice...they cleaned it up, shaped and trimmed them. I was surprised my eyebrows could even be tamed like this. And it was $7...not bad.



What do you think? 
Should I stick with the thick natural brow OR maintain this look and have more of a defined brow?

ps. Another question for ya'll...
Do you know of any drugstore brands for eyebrow wax or good products for filling in eyebrows?


valentine's plans?

I've become more of a hopeless romantic over the recent years and I was surprised that last years Valentine's Day I was actually a lil saddened being dateless (I cheesy and kind of embarrassed I'm sharing this). So I decided to make it a happy day. Me and a couple of my girls watched a good ol' chick flick and ate a whole lotta junk food and it helped. haha

I'm flying solo again this valentines and wondering what all you single ladies are doing?  Any fun ideas? 

And to everyone else...What are your plans? I'd love to hear about it :)


i'm a big a nerd

(frames left to right: Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Hot Topic, H&M, Forever 21, Hot Topic)

I've always wanted glasses but unfortunately (or fortunately) I don't need them. So since non-prescription glasses have become popular and accessible -- I kind of got obsessed and bought a whole bunch of pairs. Ha. The thing is...sometimes I feel embarrassed or shy to wear them because they're not real, if you know what I'm sayin. So I have a question for ya'll...

Do you think fake glasses are cool or not so cool?

In my opinion, I think they're okay to wear. They are sold as an accessory for a reason right? 
Anyhoos, I'll still wear'em. 

Thanks friends :)


chambray chambray

I love the chambray button up or anything chambray really. It goes with pretty much anything. And it's definitely my favourite shirt right now....I would wear it everyday if I could! What is your go-to staple piece?

I actually just bought a whole bunch of chambray tops at Value Village (sister to Savers) thrift store on the 50% off day. Oh man...50% day is the best! I mainly only shop there on this day and then go crazy. I know thrift stores are already pretty cheap but I found that the prices at Value Village are going up and I always gotta go for the best deals. As you know or will find out...I'm a big cheapskate.

Thrifted Chambray Button-Up/Joe Fresh Belt/Springs Shoes/Lululemon Bag/
Roxy Watch Gift/Joe Fresh Poppy Lisptick/Jacob Jeans

Tip: Look for chambray tops in the men's or boy's section in thrift shops or local stores like Walmart. It's a lot cheaper than in the women's department at the mall.


top hat

I like outfits that are simple with an accent piece. Usually when I decide what I'm wearing I choose an accessory or item that I want to wear (such as this hat) and then base the rest of my outfit around it. I find that this technique helps me decide what to wear and gives me inspiration for my outfit of the day. Some days it's just hard to find out what to wear and you end up with a whole pile of clothes on your bed...which I'm sure we have all had.

How do you decide what you're going to wear?

F21 Hat Gift/Thrifted Button-up/? Skirt/Thrifted purse/Old Navy Shoes/Thrifted Belt


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