crazy cat lady

photos by my cousin joy

I never thought I'd wear leopard but now I love it and now I have a full on leopard coat! well my big inspiration is from the lovely alexa chung and christina caradona, a couple of my fav style muses. I found this coat on sale at forever 21 and I couldn't pass it up! this is my take on fancy grunge. or as others my label it "hipster" (someone actually called me that when I was shopping wearing this ha)...whatever that means. and for those who are gasping at my american apparel purchase, they were greatly discounted when I purchased them. not going to lie...it is hard for me to sport this coat because I do feel crazy and don't like drawing attention to myself but none the less I believe in individuality, being creative, not caring what people think, and being confident in just being yourself. and if I was living in europe or new york this would be normal and no one would take a second look (in my dreams). ha. So be you folks and work it ;)


  1. Hey I really like your blog and style too! I love connecting with people in the blogosphere that have similar taste! Thank you so much for reading my blog :) By the way, that leopard coat is AMAZING and I can't believe you found that at Forever 21!

  2. That coat is AMAZING.. You totally rock it.

  3. SO true! There are some things in my closet that I don't wear because of what others might think. But you are right we need to be able to express ourselves. I think you look great in the coat! Keep wearing it!


  4. "It's not what you wear, it's how you wear it :)" I think you rocked it!


  5. wow the leopard print coat looks amazing on you!! I love your blog!!!! Now following and cannot wait to read more!!!





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