on the move

I just moved to Edmonton, Alberta. This is a big move for me because I've never lived on my own before with the exception of my church mission. I am 25 and apparently it's the average age females move out. I thought that was funny because I fit the stat..ha. Anyways, I just felt like I needed a change and wanted to try something new. It's not a crazy foreign place but it's a much bigger city and there are a lot more things to do and explore. I also feel like I need to learn to be more independent and I want to take this time to work on myself and have a fresh start. This will be good for me and I'm excited to share my new adventures with you. But I will definitely miss my family and friends...so glad there's skype! So I will be MIA for a few days because of the move. Let me know if you have any tips for living on your own and in a new city. Wish me luck on this new adventure! 


  1. Have a wonderful adventure!



  2. How exciting! Good luck with the move!

  3. moving is always exciting! I love starting over. A lot of people hate it but I moved so much growing up and loved making new friends and having new adventures.I feel like the first thing I always try to do is find out what ward im in and get to church so I already have some connections and people to ask questions about the area, ect...

  4. I really understand what you're saying! Everyone gets to that stage where they really need to spread their wings and start a whole new adventure of life!
    Very inspirational post! Made me follow your blog(: check mine out if you can! :)

  5. Stay busy! I lived on my own for several years, but then got married a year ago. Now in 4 months my husband is going to be MIA in Kentucky for an internship and I will be alone again. Stay busy, but also take time to just pamper yourself and appreciate the alone time :) Oh and make friends!

  6. whoa girl. so exciting! I agree I am so grateful for Skype. Don't be in rush take your time and enjoy every nook and corner!

  7. Woah super exciting! Please take pictures of your new living quarters!
    Also, Yelp it up?

  8. AHHHH. I just printed off that picture like five bazillion times because I was so in love with it :)

    plus, good luck with your move, new adventures are always fun (+ a tad scary).

    xx, Abi



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